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Response to Recent Beanie Babies Inquiries

In response to the recent comment on the “Beanie Babies Septette” entry, I would like to advise all that all participants in the program were male. Also, the score on the piano was open to “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”. Obviously, lacking in certain jurisdictional or jurisprudential appreciation, the decision to open with “Down By The Old Mill Stream” prevailed, with hardly a whimper. The folly of this had become obvious when we found that the culprit leading the program was none other than the anonymous fiction author of the infamous slanderous creation of June, 2013, which was reproduced in this Blog.

It would appear that the entire group had imbibed in the same poisonous potion as had impregnated the sensibility powers of the author, purportedly recanting the marvelous historical archived essay of the November, 1963 Deer Hunt Weekend.

Efforts of members of our traditionally austere family failed, in allowing a certain portion of extremely fine 15 year old Irish Whiskey to fall into hands of one who was unable to handle the reins of a team so voluble; thus resulting in an impressive issue of fiction, rather than fact, as is to be expected when in the hands of an inexperience teamster. You see, genetic traits do not necessarily track, do they?

First three are published

 Excerpt from page 21, Gee! A Story From A Forest Continues:  “I think something is tickling my toes at night and I don’t know what it could be.”  “Well, I am surprised you hadn’t asked me that question before Mari.  There are many things going on above and below our forest floor, and I think my next story will give you your answer,” said the Big Black Oak Tree in the Forest!!!

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I Promised To Keep You Informed

Some time ago I mentioned that I was going to try to “evolve” some of my BLOG into a series of children’s books. At the time, I had no idea what a time consuming project it would be. It was not the conceptual or narrative part that was a problem, but the processes of so called “publication” that proved difficult. Converting a concept and a story into an effective child’s learning tool requires a bit of manipulation and a great deal of frustration. Having managed through both so far, we have succeeded in completing the process for release of the first two stories.
They are entitled: Gee!! A Story From A Forest and Gee! Another Story From A Forest. They are directed toward children in the 6 to 9 year old age group, and I promise that the stories exhibit far more imagination than do the titles. The stories run sequentially and there are three more now in process of completion.
Always having appreciated constructive criticism, (do you see the lump in my cheek?) I look forward to your critique and hope that the stories fulfill a need for our kids. The first two books are available at The first is available at other outlets, including Amazon, Alibris Books and Barnes and Noble.


Why does one start a BLOG? Have you ever been urged to “write it down” before you forget everything and memories of the past are lost forever? Some people are motivated to write simply to share their innermost feelings with everyone. That would only apply to the people with enough nerve to share those things.
I guess my motivation evolved from the desire to share, or rather expose, people to the pleasure I have absorbed from my frequent wanderings to and fro through mother natures pathways. I recently started such a wandering, but I do use the word recently with trepidation, since it may reflect months or years rather than hours or days.
Just think about it. Whenever you start to reminisce on the past, your thoughts evolve into memories only of nature, beauty and serenity. That is exactly what my blog stimulating strolls through the Forest do for me. It is surprising what a stroll through a mere thirty acres of serenity can do for the soul. Here we go again. Parenthetically, we don’t replace our everyday life with illusions, but we can create positive thoughts during our stroll. And we can do it every time we read a chapter or take an actual walk through the woods. Whichever path we choose, we can find serenity. And with every venture we find some new wonder of nature, be it from the changing seasons or the change in environment. There is always something new to find.
I have recently decided to “evolve” a portion of my BLOG into a child’s book. Only because I believe that children need some additional prompting into science, nature and language, and their curiosity is the key to their success. With nominal help from teachers, mentors and especially parents, curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will build the child. I felt that these discovered wonders should be shared with both my friends and “the children” before they pass them by.
I can share them with my friends in a BLOG, but with kids, I thought it best to go with simple but challenging reading. The challenging part may require some mentor or parental assistance to start, but that is exactly what I meant to create.
I’ll keep you informed.

ps. “Parenthetically” A six syllable word that I use too often, but whenever I strain myself into thinking, my mind wanders into other similar but parenthetical subjects; you know-like butterflies/airplanes, noise/mausers, logs/chainsaws, and on and on…..

IT WAS HER KIND OF GARDEN: A Portait Of A Forester

There it was. A plot of rustic, rock strewn land, covered in sinister blackberry bushes and looking like a street wise orphan longing for a plush foster home. And there she was, a pure garden loving naturalist, longing for just such a needy orphan. It was a match made in heaven just ready for the starting bell. The bell rang and it was off to the races, though be it a race in slow motion.

No, no trip to the store for new clothes for the orphan. Instead, a trip to the Campbell Tree and Land Company to arrange for clearing and planting plans. Glyphosate and seedlings, rather than new clothes.

Thus started the transformation of the skullery maid into cinderella, a fete requiring nearly thirty years and not yet finished. But the lowly maid is now a flourishing and lovely garden of pines, awaiting its transformation into a mature forest, stately and proud.

The entire encounter reflects a similar scenario in which the pure naturalist played the same role, but rather than adopting a blackberry covered, rock strewn piece of land, it was the creation and nurturing of her own family.

During the Cinderella transformation , as little Pine Trees grow, it was accepted practice that the lower branches be pruned off as they died each year. Presumably, this would allow creation of clear, knot free wood at some time in the future when the tree was harvested. True to form, our loving naturalist would systematically be there each year to effect the required pruning, regardless of some questionable urgings to the contrary that such action may not be necessary.

It may be obvious that similar pruning might be a prudent action in other familial developments. I am sure that our naturalist utilized such techniques in all such endeavors. At least, it is apparent that the same keen techniques were applied in the nurture and development of her primary family, obviously with outstanding results.

Her Garden Of Pines is a treasure to walk through. Her family is a treasure to meet and know. All of her efforts have rendered beautiful harvests, and the fruits of those efforts continue to multiply.

      Don’t Put All Of Your Love Into One Basket

      “I’m going now honey”, he said.  ”  Okay, enjoy your game”, she said.

      “I’m leaving now for my Bridge club dear”.  “Bye Bye, have fun”, he said

      Sound familiar?  These oft duplicated exchanges are commonplace and certainly healthy ones.  But let them go too far, and they may signify unhealthy runaway life styles which are better avoided.

      If you have ever started a project in the workshop or began reading something of great personal interest and suddenly realized several unaccounted for hours had  gone by, you  have  experienced the first warning sign of “guilty of putting all your love into one basket”.

      I had a close acquaintance who perfected a talent for producing wood decoys.  Much of his time was spent in his basement workshop and he constantly complained that he had little time for anything else.  This is a typical result when one is guilty of our subject violation.

      There is a simple direction to follow if we are to avoid this  infraction. “Forced Diversification” is the answer.  I accentuate “forced” because of the difficulty in replacing one love fixation with another.  As difficult as it may be, however, the interests churned up by true diversification could bring to light other activities equally worthy of one’s attention.

      The broadening of focus may well serve to expand horizons not previously contemplated.  Of course, the prime objective of overcoming the results of our misdemeanor (implying, of course, that it is not a felony) is to avoid or minimize the exclusionary effect that our activities have had on our  close circle of family and friends.  It is important that we avoid aggravating the effect by merely stuffing more exclusionary interests into the same basket, thus negating the diversification affect.

      Just as I thought I had the problem licked, I realized that I had infringed on an already perfected concept:

                      “JACK  OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE”

      The net result of this study is a move to adopt a new rule:
                      “VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE”

      Come to think of it, neither rule is really new, is it?  All routes lead to the dreaded accumulation of toys and exponential growth of the “TOO LONG TO DO LIST”.

      ps. The compilation of true facts in refutation of the felonious attack on our November, 1963 historic depiction (From the Archives May, 2013) blog is ongoing and I assure you that the prevaricator shall be subjected to his or her just deserts at the appropriate time, even to the obviously cheap brand he or she was nipping at the time of the crime. The wheels of justice move slowly, but with certainty.

      To Do List Too Long

      There was a day when the TO DO list merely delayed doing the things I really wanted  to do.  Now it “PREVENTS” doing the things I really want to do.  Which leads me to the conclusion that either the list is too long or I am not as fast as I once was.

      Upon cursory review, the list appears to be the same length as before, with a few tasks added from acquisitions, so I decided to review the efficiency factor.  Could it be that old speedy is not so speedy anymore?  Have the good old sayings on tee shirts, such as “I’m not over the hill, I’m just gaining speed” or “What hill?  I don’t remember any hill”, been relegated to tee shirts only, rather than actual fact?  It is conceivable that we all may slow down after a while, but I think the real culprit is the “LIST”.  The list has quietly expanded along with the earthly possessions responsible for its existence.

      My initial realization is that the length of the list has expanded to a greater degree than originally thought.  The exponential factor has a  great effect upon the list, since, it appears, TO DO items propagate excessively in proportion to the number of toys accumulated over time.

      I recall reading an old seafaring novel wherein the main character spent over a year preparing his worthy craft for venture.  It is conceivable that, had he acquired several worthy craft over the years, he may never had  been able to “cast off”.  Therein lies the solution to my riddle.  Too many worthy craft, and perhaps I’m no longer as fast as the tee shirts profess.

      I, of course being a died in the wool old naturalist, would find it excruciating to kick out the old family dog even if I had one, but I admit it may be both prudent and expedient to start preparing another “LIST”.  I think I’ll head out to the shed and contemplate a “KICK OUT THE OLD TOY LIST”.

      Revelation of Recent Attack Reported: details in

      Is it a shocking contagion of catastrophic acts, or: merely copy cats, after recently disclosed IRS, NSA Edward Snowemall, or whatever, type irrational actions.
      Whatever it turns out to be, it represents the first and only attempt by person or persons unknown to impugn the integrity and reputation for long honored, principled and virtuously unembellished prosing on the part of this publisher. 
      In my treasured position as head muse, and reflecting the totally forthright and transparent method of musing by our government and our business community in general, I have chosen to reprint the obviously prevaricated and totally fictional folly as contained in a recently received communication.  Since the offender has chosen to remain anonymous, I choose not to reveal his identity to avoid embarrassing him when the true facts are confirmed as originally reported.
      If necessary, I shall revert back into the coveted 1963 Archives in my determined battle to refute these totally inaccurate depictions, even to the extent of determining from which bottle the usurper was nipping.