Response to Recent Beanie Babies Inquiries

In response to the recent comment on the “Beanie Babies Septette” entry, I would like to advise all that all participants in the program were male. Also, the score on the piano was open to “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”. Obviously, lacking in certain jurisdictional or jurisprudential appreciation, the decision to open with “Down By The Old Mill Stream” prevailed, with hardly a whimper. The folly of this had become obvious when we found that the culprit leading the program was none other than the anonymous fiction author of the infamous slanderous creation of June, 2013, which was reproduced in this Blog.

It would appear that the entire group had imbibed in the same poisonous potion as had impregnated the sensibility powers of the author, purportedly recanting the marvelous historical archived essay of the November, 1963 Deer Hunt Weekend.

Efforts of members of our traditionally austere family failed, in allowing a certain portion of extremely fine 15 year old Irish Whiskey to fall into hands of one who was unable to handle the reins of a team so voluble; thus resulting in an impressive issue of fiction, rather than fact, as is to be expected when in the hands of an inexperience teamster. You see, genetic traits do not necessarily track, do they?

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