Gee! A Story From A Forest!: The new children’s educational series by Grandpa Hill

Gee! A Story From A Forest evolved from Grandpa Hill’s blog to a clear and beautifully written series that traverses many areas of learning for children. Written for all ages, Grandpa Hill has created a masterpiece that inspires and reinvigorates the child in all of us.

The Gee! A Story series will make you want to visit the forest, but with a deeper appreciation for what it offers in its natural hidden and not so hidden wonders.

The series presents an excellent educational materials for home and school settings.  Non-profit discounts are available.

The books are available for purchase from various sites and stores in both hard copy and eBook at:

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Barnes and Noble

7 thoughts on “Gee! A Story From A Forest!: The new children’s educational series by Grandpa Hill”

  1. A beautiful set of stories that speak not only of nature, but of some of the more complicated elements of life in general. Well written and simplified enough that children will be absorbed by it but adults may find themselves contemplating its philosophy. Certainly worth a family read!

    1. A reference to Mari Pine Tree’s remark on page 21 of “Gee! A Story From a Forest Continues”, in which she tells Mr. Oak that “something is tickling her toes at night and she doesn’t know what it could be.” The Big Black Oak Tree promises to give her the answer in his next story from a forest.

    1. “I Think Something Is Tickling My Toes” and “Why Can’t We Dance Too?” are coming soon. Watch for updates at

      1. The newly released two chapter continuation of the Gee! A Story From A Forest series entitled “I THINK SOMETHING IS TICKLING MY TOES” and “WHY CAN’T WE DANCE TOO?” has been published and is now available through, Amazon, Barnes and Noble books and other major book outlets.

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